Assisted conception

For one in six couples, the journey to parenthood does not happen as quickly as they expect and they require treatment to support conception.

To maximise your chance of a baby, as quickly as possible and with the least emotional and financial strain, contact Genea Oxford first. It is our unique combination of science, success and care that means we are the perfect place to start.

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Fertility Treatments

Whether you require a simple approach, such as ovulation induction or IUI (intra uterine insemination) or more complex treatment such as IVF or ICSI, our unique care model means you have a dedicated fertility care team comprising of a Fertility Specialist, nurses, scientists and counsellors, all tailoring your treatment plan for you.

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IUI and Ovulation Induction

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Donor and Surrogacy

Fertility Testing

After meeting a Fertility Specialist, the first step is to undergo a number of routine tests and procedures, to identify any specific issues before we develop your personalised treatment plan.

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Male Testing

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Female Testing

GeneSyte testing

GeneSyte™ NIPS (Pre-natal Testing)

IVF Success Rates

It’s our technology and care that lead to these impressive rates. 

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Not all clinics are created equal, put simply, the quicker you achieve a pregnancy, the less expensive treatment will be and that's where Genea Oxford's world leading science and expertise plays a critical role. Genea Oxford also aims to do one egg and sperm collection and from this create enough embryos for patients to complete their family.

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