The A-Z of connecting with your partner during isolation (Part 1: Positive actions)

An A to Z on how to nourish, sustain and repair your relationship while in enforced isolation and beyond from Genea Fertility Counsellor Lynne Perl. In part 1, we'll cover how to create positive actions.
Posted 25 May 2020 by Genea Team

Coping with Mother’s Day during isolation

Being faced with constant reminders of the very thing you want but don’t have can be hugely painful in the lead-up to Mother’s Day. Genea’s Fertility Counsellors offer support and advice, most importantly that it’s perfectly okay to say no.
Posted 07 May 2020 by Genea Team

Exercise and your brain

We all know that exercise is good for our physical health, strengthening muscles and bones and reducing weight and risk of disease. Perhaps a lesser-known fact is that exercise also helps keep our brain healthy and active, improves memory and potentially reduces our vulnerability to dementia.
Posted 23 Apr 2020 by Genea Team

Coping with a forced pause (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this blog on Coping with a forced pause, Genea Counsellor Órlaith Sheill advises to be aware of your limits as being overwhelmed is paralysing. It can makes us freeze and can bring on anxiety.  She shares advice for managing this time that adapts the idea of list writing.
Posted 23 Apr 2020 by Genea Team

Coping with a forced pause (Part 1)

Genea Counsellor Órlaith Sheill gives a gentle reminder that it's important to give yourself credit for the mammoth task of adapting to this pause of life as we knew it. There is so much that is changing by the minute and it can be exhausting recalibrating.
Posted 23 Apr 2020 by Genea Team

In times of trouble

Having become quite practiced at waiting, you probably have more skills than many to deal with this new reality. We know these are uncertain and scary times, but we would like to give you some ideas as to how you can nurture your resilience, to stay this distance as best you can, while we all wait for the better times that are definitely coming, sometime.
Posted 03 Apr 2020 by Genea Team

You're not alone

This week's ban on elective surgery has added insult to injury for our community. We see you and we're here to help.
Posted 27 Mar 2020 by Genea Team

When should I seek a second opinion?

If having a baby is your top priority and you’re not getting results, why not make 2020 a fresh start and get a new plan with Genea?
Posted 14 Jan 2020 by Genea Team

This time of year

A little reminder from Genea's counsellors to please remember yourself and your own needs at "this time of year".
Posted 19 Dec 2019 by Genea Team

Taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the holidays

Staying sane during the festive season can be challenging. Our friends Gidget Foundation Australia have shared some helpful tips for coping at this time of year.
Posted 16 Dec 2019 by Genea Team
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