Genea Tamworth

Suite 6, 32-34 Marius Street, Tamworth NSW 2340, Australia

Open Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
8:30am - 5:00pm


Dr Livingstone Consulting Dates

7 Feb 2019 - 8 Feb 2019
4 Apr 2019 - 5 Apr 2019
13 Jun 2019 - 14 Jun 2019
8 Aug 2019 - 9 Aug 2019
3 Oct 2019 - 4 Oct 2019
28 Nov 2019 - 29 Nov 2019


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Fertility Services at Tamworth

Genea Tamworth provides a complete IVF service, offering locally-based, world leading treatment to the people of the New England district and the Barwon region.

Run by our specially trained and experienced nurse coordinator, Rhonda Ward, fertility treatment at Genea Tamworth involves local doctors and Sydney-based Fertility Specialists and Scientists, enabling couples struggling to conceive to have their treatment managed locally while still getting the best chance of success.

Rhonda is available year-round to guide you through your treatment, answer questions and organise blood and ultrasound monitoring. Dr Mark Livingstone, Deputy Medical Director of Genea travels to Tamworth to consult with patients six times a year - bringing specialist fertility care to couples, enabling treatment in a regional setting surrounded by the support of their family and friends.

Whilst the comprehensive lead-up to your treatment is conducted locally (blood tests, ultrasounds, nurse consultations etc), our patients have their main procedures in Genea’s Sydney CBD Clinic under the dedicated care of our experienced Fertility Specialists and Scientists.

With the most modern and complete fertility and genetics facility in Australia, Genea’s Sydney CBD Clinic offers a comprehensive range of assisted conception procedures, as well as genetic diagnosis and infertility counselling. We provide these services in high quality, comfortable surrounds, respecting and maintaining your privacy.

Our Sydney CBD day surgery runs year round and is equipped to perform all assisted conception procedures, including egg pick-up, embryo transfer, testicular biopsies and anaesthesia for every type of treatment. What’s unique at Genea is that we’re available to ensure every procedure happens at a time that’s best for your body, not just when it suits our schedule. We also perform diagnostic procedures, including laparoscopy and hysteroscopy.

Our onsite laboratories use world leading technologies for IVF, sperm function testing, genetic diagnosis (total chromosome analysis). Sperm and embryo freezing and cryostorage are also available.

To arrange an interview or to simply make an inquiry, you are invited to contact Genea Tamworth’s Nurse Co-ordinator Rhonda on 02 6766 7903.

Monitoring Centres

For patients outside of Tamworth, you can arrange to have your blood tests and ultrasounds at local centres areas closer to you. Find your nearest Genea Monitoring Centre for more information.

Services Offered

Service Available
Day Surgery At Kent St
Andrology No
Bloods Local external provider
Scans Local external provider
All ART (OI, OT, IUI, IVF, ICSI) At Kent St
PGD Not locally (travel to other Genea site)
Diagnostic Surgery At external day surgery


Monitoring Centre

Blood collection (Appointment required)
Call for opening times, appointments, and public holiday hours.

Ultrasounds at a different location
Please speak to your Genea Nurse regarding locations.

Monitoring Centre

Blood collection (No appointment required)
Pathology North
Tamworth Base Hospital
121 Johnston Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
T: 02 6767 7820
Call for opening times and public holiday hours.

Robert St Collection Centre
T: 02 6765 6869
Call for opening times and public holiday hours.


Ultrasounds at a different location (No appointment required)
Castlereagh Radiology
201 Peel Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
T: 02 6768 5600
Call for opening times and public holiday hours.

Tamworth Medical Imaging
103 Peel Street
Tamworth NSW 2340
T: 02 6764 6000
Call for opening times and public holiday hours.