Fertility and IVF costs

Selecting the right fertility clinic is an important decision and cost is likely to be a contributing factor.

When considering the cost of treatment, it is vital to recognise that not all clinics are created equal. Genea Oxford’s personalised treatment plan approach means that not all our patients require IVF. Therefore, the below cycle costs may not be applicable for you and Ovulation Tracking may be all that is required.

If you do need IVF, put simply, the quicker you achieve a pregnancy, the less expensive and emotionally draining treatment will be and that's where our expertise and success rates play a critical role.

Contact our Fertility Nurse or call 0800 377 894 for an obligation free chat to discuss costs.
The first appointment will be with a Genea Oxford Fertility Specialist who will review medical history and develop a personalised treatment plan.
Items are included in the cost of an IVF cycle fee:
  • Ultrasounds and blood tests (including first pregnancy test)
  • Lab, scientist and administration costs
  • Genea Specialist fees for day surgery procedures
  • Coordination of your cycle by your allocated nursing team
  • Planning and management of your cycle
  • Counselling (except for donor and surrogacy cycles)
  • Local anaesthetic (where applicable)
  • Vitrification of any embryos
  • First pregnancy scan
  • First obstetric consult.
Please note these prices are a guide only, and subject to change.

Fertility treatment and IVF fees are current as at May 2018.

Procedure Cycle Cost (NZD)
IVF cycle $8,350
ICSI cycle $10,610
IUI cycle $1,640
Frozen embryo cycle $1,990
Egg freezing cycle $7,380
The fees shown are subject to price changes. Fees current as at May 2018.

IVF/ ICSI / Frozen Embryo Transfer (cryo) (PDF)
Ovulation Tracking & IUI (PDF)
Egg donor (PDF)
Sperm donor (PDF)
ECART applications (PDF)
Oocyte vitrification & warming (medical and non-medical) (PDF)
Andrology (PDF)
Service Cost
Embryo Freezing Vitrification and 6 months storage included in cycle fee
TESE $2,200
Sperm freezing $200 (includes 6 months complimentary storage)
Storage costs (Embryo, egg or sperm) $20 / month
PICSI sperm selection Included in every ICSI Cycle
Many of Genea Oxford’s procedures are done under local anaesthetic, which is included in the cycle costs above. However, in some circumstances general anaesthetic may be required which would incur an additional cost.
All payments to Genea Oxford are made prior to cycle. Payments are then processed after your procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider a clinic that isn’t just about IVF. If a clinic can get patients pregnant without invasive and expensive treatment, money will be saved. Help doesn’t always mean IVF. Genea Oxford takes an individual approach and develops personalised treatment plans for each patient. As well as offering IVF, Genea Oxford also offers services such as ovulation tracking and ovulation induction to facilitate natural conception.
If you do require IVF, you need to understand the importance of selecting a clinic that offers the best science and leading processes to offer value for money and reduce the number of stimulated cycles required to achieve a pregnancy.