About Genea

Since its inception as Sydney IVF more than 30 years ago, Genea has built its reputation as a pioneer of fertility treatment backed up by in-house research and technology development.

The interrelation of these factors gives Genea's patients success rates that are amongst the best in the world and are continuing to improve.

Genea Biomedx takes the clinical insights discovered by Genea Fertility and combines them with almost 30 years of investment in research and development to create and commercialise IVF laboratory technology for sale to the global fertility market. Genea Biomedx is assisted by Genea Fertility to undertake rapid clinical verification and evaluation of these new technologies and in turn, these new technologies maximise treatment outcomes for patients of Genea Fertility.


Sydney IVF reborn as Genea

When Sydney IVF was reborn as Genea on the first day of spring in 2011 it was the start of a new chapter in a fascinating story which had already spanned more than a quarter of a century.

While we’ve changed our name, we haven’t changed our focus on improving treatment outcomes as well as continuing to provide the greatest care during what we know can be a very challenging journey. This vision is just as important to us now as it was when Sydney IVF was founded in 1985.

Why the change?

Investing in research

We were IVF pioneers in Sydney in the 1980s but by the 2000s, we’d become so much more. Over the years, our scientists and clinicians have been at the forefront of world leading breakthroughs in fertility technologies as well as treatments and so changing our name became not just an obvious choice but a necessary one. These days, we provide services across states and countries well beyond Sydney and we do so much more than IVF - we lead the way in fertility technology and services.

As Genea, we maintain our proud tradition of investing in research and development, a commitment that means our fertility clinics are able to offer truly world leading science. No other clinic in Australia invests as much as Genea in fertility R&D.

And constantly striving to improve our technology and techniques has made a real difference to Genea patients.

Little surprise then that technology developed by our scientists and clinicians is now used in more than 600 clinics in 60 countries across the world.

Success rates and technology

Our accredited fertility specialists treat patients across metropolitan and rural NSW, the ACT, Western Australia, Victoria and Thailand and early in 2014 we opened a partner clinic in New Zealand.

But it’s not just the world leading science - we’re leading the way in providing holistic services such as a specialised Fertility GP and support programs like Mind Your Own Body. We make sure we have both your mind and body covered before and during your treatment to maximise the potential of having a baby.


The name Genea originates from ancient Greek. It means family - which seems appropriate, after all that’s what we are all about. We hope you agree.

To find out more about the Genea difference call our fertility experts today.