Our Governance

Corporate and Ethical Governance is at the core of the Genea’s approach to its responsibilities to its stakeholders and we pride ourselves on striving to meet the highest standards of ethical and corporate governance. Our approaches to corporate governance are outlined in this section of the website.

If you have any specific questions please direct them to:

The Company Secretary Genea Limited
Box 4384 GPO
Sydney NSW 2001

Genea Quality Policy

Genea is dedicated to the provision of the world leading, quality products and services which will improve outcomes for people concerned about their reproductive health and facilitate the advancement of treatment options for people with genetic diseases.

We are committed to carrying out all of our business activities in a manner consistent with our Company Values:
  • to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations pertaining to all the countries in which our products and services are offered
  • to conducting our business in a sustainable manner
  • to continually improve the quality, safety and performance requirements of our products and services
  • to ensure the continual improvement of, and ongoing effectiveness of our Quality Management System that is based on the principles that identify, manage and evaluate our key business activities, and reduce process, people, health and safety risk.
Our Quality Management System is understood, implemented, and maintained by employees at all levels.


Genea Day Surgery

Genea is committed to the creation of safe healthcare environments through the implementation of practices and systems that maintain and improve the reliability and quality of patient care, as well as improve patient outcomes.

Genea Day Surgeries are accredited to the National Standards for Safety and Quality in Healthcare. Learn more