Global Fertility Alliance


This exciting partnership is between Genea, Merck Serono, the biopharmaceutical business of Merck, and Illumina, a leader in developing and commercialising systems for analysis of genetic variation and function.

The Alliance aims to improve the consistency ian ART worldwide and addresses the need for more standardisation of fertility processes within the ART laboratory. Increasing success rates for patients worldwide and advancing the science of fertility treatment is an integral part of The Alliance’s mission.

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Netball NSW


Genea signs exclusive sponsorship deal with Netball NSW

SYDNEY, 14 October 2016: Australian fertility group Genea is excited to announce its sponsorship of Netball NSW.

As a keen follower of women’s sport, Genea is pleased to take the step to support such a successful and inclusive organisation.

"At Genea, a large part of our mission is empowering people to achieve their dream of a healthy family. We’re delighted to partner with Netball NSW to help women achieve their dreams in another area of their lives," Genea General Manager, Operations Kathleen Waite said.

"Obviously, we’re also pleased to be associated with champions like Netball NSW who have proven time and again to be leaders in their field. We pride ourselves on being leaders in the field of fertility so this partnership is a perfect match," Ms Waite said.

Genea has signed a two year sponsorship of Netball NSW. Naming rights for the country’s leading netball facility are included in the deal. The iconic Netball Central in Sydney Olympic Park will now be known as Genea Netball Centre.

Netball NSW welcomed Genea to the netball family.

"We’re thrilled to welcome Genea to our netball family, and excited to team up with an Australian company who values the importance of family and the community as we do," Netball NSW CEO Carolyn Campbell said.

"There are plenty of similarities between our two brands. Genea are highly respected in their field; they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that spans more than 30 years. At Netball NSW, we also pride ourselves for being an inclusive organisation and put great value in our community. We feel a great responsibility to our 116,000 registered members, and are excited about the potential this partnership will bring with Genea," Ms Campbell said.

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The Pink Elephants Support Network

The Pink Elephants miscarriage support network logo
Genea is passionate about opening up the conversation around early pregnancy loss and so we've formed a partnership with The Pink Elephants Support Network, a not for profit charity, formed to support women through miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. The group support women through their grief, nurture them as they heal and empower them as they move into the future.

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