Global Fertility Alliance


This exciting partnership is between Genea, Merck Serono, the biopharmaceutical business of Merck, and Illumina, a leader in developing and commercialising systems for analysis of genetic variation and function.

The Alliance aims to improve the consistency in ART worldwide and addresses the need for more standardisation of fertility processes within the ART laboratory. Increasing success rates for patients worldwide and advancing the science of fertility treatment is an integral part of The Alliance’s mission.

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NSW Swifts


At Genea, a large part of our mission is empowering people to achieve their dream of a healthy family. Our sponsorship with NSW Swifts helps break the taboo of infertility and starts that crucial conversation earlier to ensure the best chance of a pregnancy.

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The Pink Elephants Support Network

The Pink Elephants miscarriage support network logo
Genea is passionate about opening up the conversation around early pregnancy loss and so we've formed a partnership with The Pink Elephants Support Network, a not for profit charity, formed to support women through miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. The group support women through their grief, nurture them as they heal and empower them as they move into the future.

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