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Maximise the potential of having a baby

Genea Oxford Fertility may be newly established as a fertility clinic, but the people who will be helping you achieve your dream of having a baby are the same specialists who have been caring for the women of Christchurch since 1996. Oxford Fertility is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health issues and is partnering with Australian fertility group Genea to bring world leading infertility treatment to Christchurch.

Now that you know you need help to have a baby, there are a few more decisions that need to be made but we can help you with them, just give our Fertility Nurse a call or, if you’ve already selected your Genea Oxford Fertility Specialist, they will discuss options with you.

We've compiled quite a lot of information about the fertility treatment options available at Genea to help you understand what’s involved in IVF and how it will all work.

Maybe it’s just taking you longer to fall pregnant than you expected but you're pretty sure you need some help? If that's the case, there's information on his and her's fertility tests and also some handy details on the differences between all the doctors you're likely to come across as you look for answers.

Whichever of these situations best describes you, we can help you take the next steps. So read about the fertility treatments available on the following pages or simply give us a call.

Achieve the best possible fertility outcome you can by arming yourself with knowledge and getting a plan. Get diagnosed early and take control of your fertility again - it is the single most important step you can take.