Genea Oxford

We have great success

When you first decide to seek fertility help, you’ll quickly realise there’s not one single common statistic you can use to compare clinics. Each clinic offers its own version of success, making it hard to decide. The truth is, all fertility clinics are different, offer different treatments, have different scientific ability, processes and levels of care. That means the clinic you choose will have a huge impact on your chance of conceiving.

Genea Oxford Fertility may be newly established as a fertility clinic, but the people who will be helping you achieve your dream of a healthy baby are the same specialists who have been caring for the women of Christchurch since 1996. Oxford Fertility is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health issues and is partnering with Australian fertility group Genea to bring world leading infertility treatment to Christchurch.

Genea is a fertility pioneer and has led the way in the treatment of infertility through IVF and other methods of assisted conception for more than 30 years. Research and improvements made by Genea virtually doubled IVF success rates in the mid-1990s and the company continues to develop world leading technology to treat a condition that affects as many as one in six couples at some point in their relationship. 

The science of IVF success

Genea invests approximately 10 per cent of revenue annually in R&D and has done for the past 25 years. They’ve developed world-class technology that’s used in over 60 countries and 600 clinics around the world. From 22 years experience in developing our culture media - those important vital solutions that nurture your embryos outside the body to our catheters and incubators, their expertise shows throughout the IVF journey. They were the first clinic in Australia to introduce routine single embryo transfer and routinely do Day 5 embryo transfers, virtually doubling success rates in the 90s. Plus, they lead the way in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), a technique they do with more success than any other clinic in Australia. This expertise will be shared with the team at Genea Oxford, bringing world leading fertility science to Christchurch.

Caring counts

Genea and the original team at Oxford Women's Health share a common mission when it comes to patient care we believe in providing a level of care like no other. This matters from a personal point of view (hey, we all like to feel well cared for) but it also contributes hugely to successful conception. 

All of these factors add up to one thing: greater success rates.

Better now than later

We also know that the longer couples wait to seek help, the more it can adversely affect their chance of conceiving. The best time to seek help is when you get worried - if you’ve had no luck conceiving and it’s starting to bother you, talk to us. Even though it can be hard to make the first call, you’ve got everything to gain from taking that step.

Our Fertility Nurse can help you decide the best plan of action for your particular circumstances. All conversations are completely confidential and obligation free. You can ask us whatever you like.