Our Care

The care we put into your care matters

One of the things we pride ourselves on at Genea Oxford is our high level of patient care. Infertility is an extremely emotional issue, and many people come to us feeling vulnerable, uncertain or confused. So, right from the start, you’re reassured that you’re in the hands of experts and we do everything we can to make patients feel comfortable and confident.

Better timing optimises your chances of success

Decades of world leading fertility expertise have taught us that timing’s crucial at every step of your fertility journey so our care works to your timetable, not ours.

Every part of your Genea Oxford fertility treatment is carefully planned to optimise your chance of success. Every procedure happens at a time that’s best for your body, not just when it suits our schedule. That’s why we only collect your eggs when your body’s hormones tell us it’s time. If that’s a Sunday, then that’s when we do it. Our daily monitoring of your hormones enables us to more accurately plan your egg collection date to:

  1. optimise the health of your eggs; and
  2. maximise the chance of pregnancy.

Weekend or weekday, if it’s better for your chances, that’s when it happens.

It’s also why we nurture your embryos for five crucial days to optimise development and improve your chance of a successful transfer. And it’s why you have 24/7 on-call medical support during your cycle and your own dedicated fertility team behind you right throughout your journey.

Better 24/7 patient care

During your fertility treatment, you’re bound to have questions about what’s happening.

Genea Oxford offers 24/7 on-call medical support during your cycle, so if you have medical concerns you can contact us anytime. And if further assistance is required, we can organise it without delay.

You’ll also have the ongoing expertise and consistency of your own dedicated fertility team right throughout your journey.

Your dedicated team

At Genea Oxford you’ll see the same Fertility Specialist throughout your entire journey, not just the doctor rostered on for the day.

Our Nurse Coordinators are here for patients every step of the way, guiding you through your treatment step-by-step. Not only will they work closely with your Genea Oxford Fertility Specialist, they’re available as a primary contact if you have questions or concerns.

Our Patient Relationship Coordinators are also there to help with all the other little things, from scheduling appointments to making payments and even figuring out where to park.

We know it’s much easier when the people you’re dealing with know your particular story, so you also have access to a dedicated counsellor so you don’t have to tell it all over again each time! And while not everyone feels they need or want counselling, it’s something we provide free of charge as part of the IVF treatment. If you want to talk to someone before, during or after your cycle, all you need to do is give us a call.