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Undergoing fertility treatment can be difficult. So you need to know that you have a team of fertility professionals who will go above and beyond to support you. You need to know that they recognise different cultural beliefs and family structures and that they offer comprehensive emotional support.
  Often overlooked when considering a fertility clinic, care is a vital part of your treatment and contributes greatly to your emotional wellbeing.

It is also the part that patients talk about long after their journey is complete and recognise that they did not fully understand the importance of care when first commencing their journey.
Having one doctor throughout treatment provides continuity as you make important decisions at each stage of your fertility journey.

At Genea Oxford, every patient’s journey starts and ends with their dedicated Fertility Specialist. Your doctor investigates, diagnoses, plans and conducts your procedures every step of the way*.
* There may be some extraordinary circumstances where your Specialist will need to engage another doctor.
Having access to a team who is familiar with your journey provides great comfort as you move through treatment. Our unique care model means you have a dedicated fertility care team comprising of your fertility specialist, nurses, scientists and counsellors, all tailoring your treatment for you and communicating with one another directly to ensure your experience is comprehensive, supportive and personalised.
Our counsellors offer a highly supportive environment while you undergo treatment, which helps to better manage the stress, anxiety and depression that can often accompany infertility.

What our patients say…

Genea Oxford’s patient satisfaction rating is consistently high. Our results reflect the focus we place on personal interactions to deliver a more personalised experience. For example, at Genea Oxford, scientists directly discuss the quality and development of embryos in our lab throughout the six days.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our nursing team communicates closely with the scientist and your doctor as they manage your cycle. The team also communicates directly with one another about your treatment.
Absolutely. To update you on progress our embryologist will call you during the time your embryos are developing in our lab. 
Yes. We respect people’s right to hold their own religious and cultural beliefs. Our Fertility Specialists have experience in treating patients from a range of cultures and groups. Learn more
We understand that the Two Week Wait can be one of the most challenging times for our patients. Our counsellors are available and our nursing team is of course available to help patients navigate the rollercoaster of emotions experienced while waiting for their pregnancy test. Read more